Use an e-business card to drive traffic to your website with interactive links.

          Use an e-business card to improve visibility and personal recognition.

          Use an e-business card to look professional and be different from your competition

          Use an e-business card to maintain your brand identity.

e-business cards are a great addition to your email marketing strategy.

          e-business cards or virtual business cards, allow you to distribute a business card with each new email you send. Simple, clean and interactive; e-business cards are easy to set up and look professional in your email.

          e-business cards integrate easily into your email and are an excellent internet marketing tool.

We will design a new business card for you, or take your existing business card and create an E-Business Card to use in all of your emails. We can design links from your card to all your business contact points, like:

          your website home page,

          exact webpage to purchase your product

          exact webpage to enroll in your organization

          your PowerPoint presentation,

          your video/audio presentation, etc.


Price: $150 - $500 Initial design fee

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